Friday, May 28, 2021, the YMCA d’Haïti honored around thirty mothers from several communities. The National Office yard witnessed many mothers’ talent, enthusiasm, and wise words on the occasion.

A program designed to their liking was carried out to show them how much the YMCA d’Haïti values ​​them but also how much the young people are grateful to them. We launched a debate on the importance of moms in society that caught the interest of attendees at this event. Surprises and gifts followed to honor them. As such, a food kit was distributed to all mothers present during the Mother’s Day program this Friday.  

The YMCA d’Haïti in partnership with the ” Shiloh Ministries ” of New Jersey led by Pastor Ragive Dulcio put joy in the hearts of mothers and reminded them of the infinite value they have in society.